Hello, my name is Rebecca Shapiro.

And there's a small but mighty chance yours is too. Growing up in the suburbs of New York City, I was one of many Rebecca Shapiros in the area.

There was the Rebecca Shapiro whose dentist bill my parents received by mistake when I was a teenager. Another who applied to USC. Yet another who launched her career in news at NBC the same time I did. 

Did I mention the Rebecca Shapiro from a music PR firm who invites me to indie concerts in Brooklyn? Or the one running around Manhattan getting her highlights done at the same hair salon I frequent, and charging my credit card on file instead of her own? While I'm at it, I might as well give mention to all the Rachel and Rachael Shapiros I have been confused with along the way, too. 

My Iranian mother married my Manhattan-born father, and for reasons that remain unclear, named me after her gynecologist. I can pretty much guarantee the others were not called Rebecca for the same reason.

A born and raised New Yorker who now lives in Hong Kong by way of Los Angeles, I am proud to say I'm the only Rebecca Shapiro residing in the 852... at the time of this writing, at least. My husband and I abruptly put all our possessions in storage and moved to the other side of the world for one year — to live, work and play. 

Just like the versatility that my name would suggest, I’ve built my career in news by covering lots of different topics: media, politics, feminism, entertainment, lifestyle — you name it, I’ve covered it. I’ve written stories about equal pay, and I’ve also recapped seasons of Real Housewives. 

But Little Spoon Big City is dedicated to what I personally consider to be the foundation of a good life: food, travel, style — and the relationships we have with ourselves and the ones we love who let us experience these things along the way. 

I hope you feel welcomed to relax, put your feet up with a glass of vino and get lost in a world devoted to clean design, extraordinary places and some good ol’ mangia bene. 

There’s a lot of rough things going on in this world, some of which I’ll write about here. But in my dreams, I hope that at the end of a day fighting the good fight, you can find some peace and joy here.

Follow me as I make my way around this part of the world, eating one bao bun at time.