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Eating Out: Hong Kong's Best Cafes For Writing

Eating Out: Hong Kong's Best Cafes For Writing

Finding the perfect writing cafe is a deeply personal thing. For me, the ideal spot has to have the perfect blend of an inattentive waitstaff, easily accessible power outlets and an exactly zero percent chance of running into anyone I know.  Non-offensive music, big windows and strong coffee are also key factors. 

Since I work from home, I spend a few days a week writing from cafes around the 852. Here are my favorites: 

1. Omotesando Koffee, Wan Chai

I head to this Japanese coffee spot whenever I need to buckle down and focus. The cafe itself is pristine, made of sleek, wood countertops and stools that swivel. It's the kind of design that makes you want to improve your posture. The friendly staff makes a mean cappuccino, never talks to me, and lets me work for 5-hour stints at a time. What more could a writer ask for?


2. Potato Head, Sai Ying Pun

This Indonesian cafe is quirky, colorful and a super comfortable place to spend the afternoon. There are plants hanging from the ceiling, retro tunes blasting from a turntable across the room and a big beautiful bar calling your name as soon as the clock strikes 5pm.

3. Classified, Wan Chai

Despite being a a tiny spot with only two communal tables, Classified is a delightful place to spend a day writing, so long as you're hungry. The food is so good, you're going to want to order something, so you might as well pair this outing with a meal. Pro tip: order the bowl of meatballs. 

4. Urban Bakery Works, Central

Conveniently located, strategically placed power outlets and really good croissants. Sold.

5. Elephant Grounds, Wan Chai

I like this cafe because they serve coffee in massive cups, like this: 

Bonus: Cupping Room, Central

I do love this spot, but both the Central location and Wan Chai location do not have power outlets, which violates one of my core needs in a writing cafe. But on days when I have a full computer battery and quicker assignments, I head to Cupping Room.

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